VR and AR Educational Applications

The future of education using virtual reality & augmented reality


We are working on creating a series of interactive, scientific and fun educational applications to be delivered through virtual reality and augmented reality environments. We thrive to achieve the full educational experience by applying modern educational techniques, elements and tools such as engagement, gamification and visualization.


Our vision at LIVIT is to utilize the huge capabilities of the virtual reality & augmented reality technology and its breathtaking environments, which is achieved through providing carefully-designed applications. Transforming the learning process into fun and enjoyable activities to achieve the maximum learning effectiveness.


We seek to develop the individual’s skills, knowledge and abilities through VR & AR experiences where skills are acquired, knowledge is simplified, and abilities are discovered.

Our Secret Formula

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Virtual Reality

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Augmented Reality

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Our Inspiration

Can you think of a color your eyes have never seen before? Is it possible to imagine something that has no counterpart in reality? To do that, you need to imagine something out of nothing which is philosophically impossible, yet humans have been doing it for decades. Simply by taking a variety of small imaginative steps, a person can turn an everyday object into something no one has ever thought of before.

Combine that with the endless possibilities of having a world with no rules -as its fundamental physical rule- you will get a world where creativity and originality is the norm. A place where expanding your horizons and challenging your imagination is the reason you came and finding out that you are an integral part of it is the reason you never leave. A place that gives a new meaning to the world surreal, where controlling “real” machines and everyday objects is as natural and easy as waving hi to a person or opening a door, thus pushing human creativity and productivity beyond -what we previously considered- limits.

In that world anything and everything can and will happen and imagination truly becomes the ultimate frontier. Only then you will be able to LIVIT, like never before.