Egyptian Virtual Reality Company Sets Its Sights on Education

8 August, 2016

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“Our vision at LIVIT is to revolutionize STEM education by utilizing the huge capabilities of VR technology and its breathtaking environments,” Hosni told BECAUSE. By providing original, interactive, fun and carefully-designed VR educational applications to educational institutes, LIVIT aims to transform STEM education into fun and enjoyable activities for the students, that would be delivered by the help of the instructors to achieve the maximum learning effectiveness, eventually motivating and engaging an increasing number of students with science related studies and careers.

9 Of The Coolest Things From Maker Faire 2016

28 March , 2016


VR is ready to take over the world this year – well, a virtual world, anyway. Video game companies, mobile manufacturers, and even educational institutions are utilising goofy goggles to take interacting with our tech to the next step. Maker Faire saw several Oculus-powered setups from VR roller coasters and games to learning environments courtesy of LIVIT, whoes motto is ‘Educate, Entertain, & Inspire.’ Kids these days; they get all the cool stuff.

Young Makers on the Rise in Egypt

26 March , 2016


“We were amazed by the positive responses and feedback we got from Egyptian youth; full of excitement and ready to help to bring this idea to life,” said Shady. “We are up to the challenge and full of confidence that the collaboration between Egyptian engineers and science communicators can revolutionize the education in Egypt.”